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Malinda Creatives

Digital Strategy

Think about what the user is going We are visionary creators experienced in research, planning, and execution of digital marketing strategies for clients in various industries. We align with your company’s business goals, analyse on the ideal platforms, tactics and resources and craft a plan that will improve your business growth or expansion plans

Social Media Strategy

We excel at listening and then acting on your needs, to deliver successful social media solutions

Malinda Creatives

Digital Marketing

Getting people to experience and interact with your brand online can be critical to its success or failure. We identify and create digital products and services that create revenue channels and help brands thrive in the new economy. Our data-driven online marketing solutions are designed to reach your target users.
We create and manage your social media accounts and develop campaigns across all channels to target the right audiences with the right message at the right times.

Malinda Creatives

Website Design

We can take your outdated, ineffective website and make it an intuitive, easy-to-use online extension of your business. Our custom web development approach will generate the design and functional enhancements needed to support your business goals.You need to reach modern users where they are — on their smartphones and tablets. Our user experience design process ensures that your site is responsive and intuitive on all screen sizes.Already have an existing website, web application or mobile app that needs monthly, weekly or daily attention? We specialize not only in web development but also in assisting major brands with long-term, professional support.

Malinda Creatives

Graphic Design

Graphic design is more than just making something pretty. It needs to achieve your business objectives while offering the best user experience. UX design is the intersection where your business’s and your users’ needs meet. Whether your site, application or product needs a refresh or a complete overhaul, our web design team works closely with you to create a custom web design that delights your users and delivers ROI.Your business needs a design identity, but it takes more than just a logo to really make your brand memorable. Our design agency can help craft comprehensive visual brand strategies and assets that tell a story.

Malinda Creatives

Video Marketing

Video marketing today is about much more than simply selling products. Consumers are looking to connect with the brands they buy from and showing that you care about them as more than just walking wallets will help you build a friendlier, more accessible brand. The beauty of video marketing is that it gives you a broader canvas to work on. Instead of focusing on just selling a product, creating a story will give your brand a more defined personality and will help you reach more consumers looking for companies that aren’t forcing products on them.Video allows you to be concise and capture viewers' interest in the first few seconds. Social media success lies in your ability to condense information down into easily digestible snippets of content that is long enough to maintain viewers' attention but short enough to leave them wanting more.

Malinda Creatives

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

An effective SEO strategy will help drive unlimited free traffic to your website, keeping your business a step ahead of the competition. Search engines are the main source in generating traffic to a website.

– 78% – 84% of all traffic to a website comes from search engines.

– Shoppers rely on Search Engine during their decision-making process.

– Between 68% – 72% Organic results produce the most relevant information.

– Website-based leads are 62% more profitable than other forms of media. 

Strong SEO is synonymous with high-quality, valuable content. We’ll audit your site, conduct keyword research and optimize your site to appeal to both search engines and your users.